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EYFS and KS1 Sports Day!

We had a fantastic time at Sports Day! We did 5 events. We did Hurdles, balanced the bean bag on our head, ran really fast, poured water and balanced eggs on spoons.

We cheered on our friends and we shouted really loud for our friends!

‘I loved the Water Race’ said Sky

‘I enjoyed the bean bag race’ said Robert.

‘I won and got a sticker!’ said Ruby and Jordan

‘The water race was fun! I got really wet!’ said Livinia-Rose

'I loved the running race because it was so satisfying when you could hear your breath!' said Robbie

'I loved it all because it was so much fun' said Farah

'The Egg and spoon race was good but it was hard to keep the egg on the spoon' said Miley

Well done everyone!

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