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The PSHE overview that we follow covers three major strands:-


Health and Wellbeing 

This includes physical and mental health, recognising and managing feelings in ourselves and others. It teaches health and safety as well as managing risks, emergency first aid, on-line safety and the role of the media. In Upper key stage two the objectives cover body changes in puberty and reproduction, harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs and how the media can misrepresent reality.



Identifying how our behaviour can affect others, recognising the difference between secrets and surprises and what is suitable physical contact. It centres on issues such as bullying and how to cooperate effectively with each other in discussion and being respectful of others. Upper Key stage 2  looks at how disputes can be dissolved using compromise. It examines differences and similarities between people (ethnic/sexual/disability/partnerships).


Living in the Wider World

This begins with following class rules through to being part of a school and local area community. It looks at environmental issues, why we need rules and laws and the importance of human rights. It shows children how to manage money, their responsibilities to each other and the wider community that we live in. It teaches respect at a cultural, racial and personal level, regionally and nationally. Upper Key stage 2 examine economic issues such as debt, tax, loans and enterprise skills.

PSHE Assessments

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