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At St. Michael's we strive to create a spiritual environment which is friendly, warm, caring and welcoming- a place where every child is given the best chance to fulfil their potential and achieve ambitious goals. 

Our goal is to ensure every child has ‘life to the full.’

“I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.” 

This is taken from St. John’s Gospel. (John 10:10) 

St Michael’s is founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are determined to become an outstanding school, providing the highest quality of teaching and support to every individual.

Our school is based upon the Gospel values of love, tolerance and forgiveness where the achievements of all our pupils are celebrated and built upon.


Our exciting, supportive and challenging curriculum ensures that our pupils will excel academically as well as socially, spiritually and emotionally.


As a school and staff we believe in an ethos where people of all backgrounds and cultures are welcomed and valued. Outstanding behaviour underpins our work, supported by the parents, parish and wider community.


We want our pupils to look back on their primary school years with joy and we

want them to be eager for the next stage in life. 

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"Take the memories you've inherited, look towards the horizon, grasp life, carry it forward, use it productively and make it fruitful" - Pope Francis

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