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EAL at St Michael's

Here at St. Michael’s we are proud to welcome families from a wealth of different cultures and backgrounds and we greatly value the rich diversity of our school community. We have pupils from all around the world and over 20 languages spoken and as such support for EAL is a big part of our school.

School Of Sanctuary

Through this year, we will be applying for the School of Sanctuary award. This scheme encourages schools to create as welcoming an environment as possible to all of our families, especially those who may be seeking asylum or have refugee status. We believe that our involvement in this scheme will enhances our ability to provide the best possible support to the children and families in our care. Please click on the School of Sanctuary Link above for more information.


Assessment, Monitoring and Provision


During their time at our school, our EAL (English as an Additional Language) pupils are closely monitored for their progress in the curriculum and their acquisition of English.


We use our own EAL assessment materials to track each pupil’s individual progress. This information subsequently informs the EAL support that we put in place for each child.


We provide support in each class for our EAL pupils at the level they can access, this includes using visuals, translated materials and intervention support to boost vocabulary and communication as required.


We use a variety of translated resources across school to support our pupils, including bilingual books and multi- language dictionaries. The resources are used across the school.


EAL Buddies


Whenever we have a newly arrived pupil they are buddied up with a classmate in order that they settle into school life and feel welcomed in St Michael’s.


Language of the Month


Each month we celebrate and learn about a different language. We warmly welcome any involvement from parents and families and encourage them to get involved, however big or small the contribution. Please click on the Language of the Month Link above for more information.


Parent English Courses


We are able to offer our parents English lessons run through the local authority which are designed to help parents to learn the basics of the English language and to also to enhance their English skills depending on their level of fluency.


Multicultural Learning


We love to recognise the rich diversity of language, culture and religion in our school and we have various activities across the school year, which promote and enable our pupils to share their culture in school; we have multicultural weeks, art activities, workshops and other events which allow our community to get together and celebrate. Please click on the Multicultural Learning Link above for more information.


If you require any further information on EAL, please contact Mrs Chapman (Executive Headteacher)

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