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SEND Provision

At St Michael’s School we respect and care for ourselves, and each other. We work hard and try our best to use the gifts and talents that God has given us. Our mission statement is fundamental in all we do, including our work with our children with additional learning needs.  We want to be able to give families information about the variety of ways we ensure we support our children with special educational needs (SEN) to achieve their potential.


We provide a full range of educational and pastoral support to all and our children with SEN make very good progress. The information here is general; each child is an individual and will receive unique provision and resources where necessary. If you would like further information, please contact Jenny Consterdine (SENCO) by email: or phone on 0191 2739383.


There are a number of reasons why a child may be identified as having SEN:

  • They are having significant difficulty with their learning and making less progress than would be expected

  • They have a specific learning difficulty, for example dyslexia

  • They have emotional or mental health difficulties

  • They have difficulties with social communication and interaction

  • They have sensory and/or physical needs for example a hearing impairment

For all children at St Michael’s RC Primary School who have an additional need we:

  • Recognise the contributions families can provide and work in partnership with them to best support our pupils

  • Deliver high quality teaching, adapting the curriculum and our resources to ensure children can access the learning

  • Employ a Special Education needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) to lead on SEN provision across the school

  • Assess and review the learning of our SEN children, using that information to inform future planning and teaching

  • Provide teaching assistants in class who work with SEN children and also, importantly, support other children so that the teacher has more opportunities to work with the SEN children

  • Hold regular meetings for teachers and teaching assistants, with the SENCO, to review children, interventions and resources and to adapt provision where necessary

  • Support our families with children with SEN, formally through review meetings and informally through direct conversations and information sharing.  Families are also advised of other services and organisations which may offer further advice and support.   

 Who can I talk to?

Miss Jenny Consterdine (SENCO) is the first point of contact for additional learning needs in school. To arrange an appointment, please telephone school (0191) 2739383.

SENDIASS – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service offer impartial information, advice and support in relation to a child’s SEN and/or disability. Telephone 0191 284 0480 or email

Family, Advice and Support Team- supports families with disabled children and young people from birth to 25 years. Telephone 0191 281 8737 or email

Newcastle Families Information Service- provides a guide to local organisations, childcare and events.


Helpful websites:

The National Autistic Society:

Dyslexia Action:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

Children’s North East: Telephone: 01912562444 supports families and children facing social issues

Children’s and Young People’s Service: Telephone: 01912466913 - supports families facing mental health issues ADHD Service with Barnado’s Telephone: 019126566,

Families information Service:

Dyspraxia Foundation: Telephone: 01913845858,

Cerebra: Telephone: 01912308036,

Newcastle Local Offer:

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