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Safeguarding Information 

We are committed in our responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of the children entrusted into our care, by establishing a safe environment in which children can learn, develop and flourish. We fully understand that prompting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility and have clear systems in place to ensure our procedures are highly effective. All policies and procedures in reference to Child Protection are formally reviewed each year. 


The designated safeguarding leads in school are; Jenny Consterdine (Head of school), Charlotte Chapman (Executive Headteacher), Ruth Jankowski (SEN TA) and Jan Gerkin (School Welfare Officer) who provide support to staff members to carry out their safeguarding duties and liaise with other services as and when necessary. We invest in Clennell Education Solutions which provides support and advice to school about behaviour and safety. 


All staff members have annual safeguarding and child protection training and are aware of the referral process they should follow if they have a concern about a child’s welfare.  We have a thorough Safeguarding Induction for all new staff and volunteers.   


We are aware of our responsibilities to closely monitor the progress, achievement and emotional well-being of our Looked After Children.  We also have clear policies and procedures for children missing or at risk of becoming missing from education. 


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