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Y6 Liturgy

Y6 shared a beautiful liturgy together in the Garden of Hope

Ladybird doubles

This week in Year 2 We focused on representing doubles today using multilink and ladybirds. We had to make sure that both sides of the ladybird were equal and we then wrote out our calculation to find the answer.

Materials hunt and building a house

In Year 2 over the last few weeks, we have been looking at our Science topic of Materials. We went outside to find different materials and their properties. We then had a task to find a waterproof material to use for a new house for the three little pigs. We tested plastic, wood, and fabric to see if they were waterproof!

Year 1 go on a picnic!

Year 1 have had a great start to the week! For our creative hook into writing , we all went outside for a teddy bear picnic and read Brian's Bear Picnic, with our big teddy bear, honey sandwiches, succulent strawberries and some tasty banana cake.

Reception Self Portraits!

Reception have been painting their self portraits! We looked in the mirror and then painted ourselves. Well done Reception!

Year 2 length and height

Our focus in Maths this week in Year 2 is length and height. We compared lots of different objects that we found in the classroom and outdoors, including ourselves, to see which was taller, shorter, longer or smaller. We had great fun looking outside for lots of unusal items!

Studying famous Art

Year 2 had their first Art lesson this week and they looked at the famous artist Paul Cezanne. We discussed how Cezanne became an artist and what sort of work he created. We discussed this with our partner and decided why we liked about his work and why we didn't. We focused on the colours he used which will help us think of the colours to use in our artwork in the weeks to come.

Practical maths

Year 2 have made such a good start in Maths this year! We have been using practical resources to help us calculate answers to addition calculations with larger numbers.

Welcome Back!

WELCOME BACK We can't wait to welcome ALL of our children back to school on Tuesday 8th September. To make your child's first day back as easy as possible, we have attached two documents which outline the start/finish times for each year group, along with their allocated gate. If you have more than one child, please drop all of your children off at the time and place allocated to your eldest child. If you require further assistance about returning to school or to read St Michael's risk assessment, please visit our school website We ask that every child brings their own water bottle to school. If your child is in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 or is eligible for free school

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