July 16, 2020

Reception had lots of fun at Forest School this morning! Mrs Scott made a fire and we toasted marshmallows. We also used a Kelly Kettle to heat up water for our Hot Chocolate. We had lots of fun!

July 14, 2020

In their Science lesson today the Year 1 bubble identified some trees in the school grounds. They tied labels to the trees so that everyone sharing the playground can learn the names of trees. We are very lucky at St Michael’s– we have Ash, Rowan, Cherry, Yew , Sycamor...

July 9, 2020

We are now a supporting school of City of Sanctuary! We are featured on their website. You can find this on the following link: 


July 9, 2020

Thursday is surprise day for the Year 1 bubble and today they made Lighthouse sandwiches, based on the story The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

They used a knife to spread butter and jam, then carefully cut the sandwich into triangles, just like in the book.

Earlier they had...

July 8, 2020

We had a fantastic time at Sports Day! We did 5 events. We did Hurdles, balanced the bean bag on our head, ran really fast, poured water and balanced eggs on spoons.

We cheered on our friends and we shouted really loud for our friends!

‘I loved the Water Race’ said Sky


July 3, 2020

Today the KS1 bubble spent the morning in the Secret Garden. We built castles, towers and made people out of sticks! We loved playing in the mud!

July 3, 2020

To end our week learning about animals, we created some super tasty snacks to enjoy this afternoon! 

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