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Reception go to Forest School!

Reception had lots of fun at Forest School this morning! Mrs Scott made a fire and we toasted marshmallows. We also used a Kelly Kettle to heat up water for our Hot Chocolate. We had lots of fun!

Year 1 bubble learn about trees

In their Science lesson today the Year 1 bubble identified some trees in the school grounds. They tied labels to the trees so that everyone sharing the playground can learn the names of trees. We are very lucky at St Michael’s– we have Ash, Rowan, Cherry, Yew , Sycamore, Hazel and Apple trees.

Supporting School of City of Sanctuary

We are now a supporting school of City of Sanctuary! We are featured on their website. You can find this on the following link:

Year 1 bubble make Lighthouse sandwiches

Thursday is surprise day for the Year 1 bubble and today they made Lighthouse sandwiches, based on the story The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They used a knife to spread butter and jam, then carefully cut the sandwich into triangles, just like in the book. Earlier they had completed their Lighthouse keepers cat – by adding triangles of felt to make ears, and carefully sticking on eyes and a tail. A lovely end to a great week.

EYFS and KS1 Sports Day!

We had a fantastic time at Sports Day! We did 5 events. We did Hurdles, balanced the bean bag on our head, ran really fast, poured water and balanced eggs on spoons. We cheered on our friends and we shouted really loud for our friends! ‘I loved the Water Race’ said Sky ‘I enjoyed the bean bag race’ said Robert. ‘I won and got a sticker!’ said Ruby and Jordan ‘The water race was fun! I got really wet!’ said Livinia-Rose 'I loved the running race because it was so satisfying when you could hear your breath!' said Robbie 'I loved it all because it was so much fun' said Farah 'The Egg and spoon race was good but it was hard to keep the egg on the spoon' said Miley Well done everyone!

KS1 bubble visit the secret garden

Today the KS1 bubble spent the morning in the Secret Garden. We built castles, towers and made people out of sticks! We loved playing in the mud!

Owl Snacks

To end our week learning about animals, we created some super tasty snacks to enjoy this afternoon!

Year 1 bubble make Iced Sea biscuits

Another surprise for the Year 1 bubble today! They made Iced Sea biscuits, in response to the book that we have been reading- The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They used a template of a fish and a boat, and had lots of fun carefully spreading white and coloured icing. They even had a biscuit spare to eat!

Y1 Secret Garden

A wonderful morning was spent outside today. The children used the pots and pans to create mud cakes, ice cream and hot chocolate. They used plastic and wooden boxes to create houses and dens. There was excellent team work and problem solving – how to get water from the top of the garden to the bottom. Some children investigated trees and made bark rubbings, some went scavenging to fill their pot with interesting things. Finally, they created a wormery and then found worms to go in it. All of the children said how much they enjoyed being outside to learn, listening to the blackbird singing, and most of them enjoyed getting wet and muddy! Brooke said it was exciting, and Abbie liked scav

Super Teamwork!

Reception worked together really well as they balanced the buckets on the sticks! They had to balance it all the way to the tray and pour the water in. We had lots of fun!

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