The Listening Side


At St Michael's we are committed to the emotional needs of our children and recognise that there may be certain times in their lives when they require professional counselling support.

During these times of need we offer support through engagement with a counsellor.  The counsellor is able to form a strong relationship with the child and is able to meet with them in our quiet, calm and peaceful Prayer Room in school.  Here they are encouraged and given time to explore their feelings through talk, creativity and therapeutic activities. We hope that through early intervention we can help prepare the children for a bright future, knowing there is always someone who will listen to their concerns and feelings.


Our experienced mentors work with children of all ages and abilities who may need to overcome difficulties that they may be experiencing at any time.

Supportive one-to-one listening time allows our children to be heard.  Mentors help our children to analyse and reflect on situations, develop coping strategies, set realistic and challenging goals, develop emotional resilience and work with children to develop life skills.

Mentors work closely with pupils and their parents to ensure a strong network of support is in place for the benefit of those in our case.



At St. Michael's we are able to offer families the ‘Rainbows’ programme for your children.  This programme is to support children who have had some form of loss in their lives; this could be through parent separation, a death of a family member or a family member who has had to leave the family home for any other reason. The programme is specifically designed to support children in working through their feelings of loss, to put their feelings into words and to begin to accept what has taken place in the family.

The short weekly sessions are run by two of our ‘Rainbows’ trained teaching assistants.  We also offer the ‘SunBeams‘ programme, which is designed for children from three years of age. Using teddy bears, puppets and play activities, children are helped to express their feelings, whilst feeling supported in a safe environment.

To find out more information, or if you think your child would benefit from these sessions, please see your child’s class teacher.

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