The governing body, which was judged to be inadequate in the last inspection, has been disbanded. A Local Advisory Board (LAB) has been established. The board includes seven governors with some external expertise provided by Diocese and the main school in the multi-academy trust (MAT).


The LAB includes a small number of highly experienced professionals who have the educational expertise to support the drive to swiftly improve St Michael’s. Until the school is evaluated good or better by Ofsted the LAB will remain in place, accountable to the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust.


Since formation, September 2017, the LAB has worked quickly to provide clearer lines of accountability and to establish effective team working. Members of the LAB have a clear and accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for development, gained for the high-quality information provided by senior leaders and from their own regular visits to school. The chair of the LAB plays a very active part in the work of the school. He is experienced, ambitious and knowledgeable and gives his time generously to supporting efforts to improve the school.


The LAB meets half termly to hold the school to account and reports to the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust Board.


Please find a list of our current members of the LAB, their category and any specific role they undertake:


Michael Scurr (Chair of the LAB)

Elizabeth Luke (Vice Chair)

Charlotte Chapman (Headteacher)

Anita Bath (Sacred Heart MAT Governor)

Michael Ashton (Sacred Heart MAT Governor)

Carol Ridley (Sacred Heart MAT Governor)

Paula Gascoigne (Foundation Governor)

Father Simon Lerche (Foundation Governor)

Jennifer Consterdine (Staff Governor)

Leanne Salem (Parent Governor)


Alongside this, the Diocese established a Monitoring Support Group (MSG) which meets termly with representatives from the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust Board, Senior Leaders at the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle and Newcastle Local Authority.


Please find a list of our current members of the MSG, their category and any specific role they undertake:


Anita Bath (Chief Executive Officer, Sacred Heart Partnership of School)

Denise Kendall (Chair of Governors, Sacred Heart High School)

Lucie Stephenson (Deputy Director of Hexham and Newcastle)

Ian Dawson (Head of School Effectiveness, Newcastle LA)

Michael Scurr (Chair of the St Michael’s LAB)

Charlotte Chapman (Headteacher)

Further information can be found here

The Local Advisory Board can be contacted through the Chairperson, Mr Michael Scurr, at the school address.

Clumber Street North,

Newcastle upon Tyne. 


0191 273 9383