One World, One Community,

One Elswick!

Aspirational Campaigns at St Michael's support our children to learn about the world of work through first-hand experience and engagement with the local community. We want our children to broaden their horizons, understand what they could achieve and raise their aspirations for the future. The campaigns emphasise the clear understanding of the link between achieving well at school and getting into an interesting job and career that is not bound by social mobility and gender stereotypes. Through our campaigns, children expand their knowledge and understanding of the world of work, the types of jobs there are and reflect on their own unique skills and qualities. 

One World, One Community, One Elswick


The 'One World, One Community, One Elwick' campaign celebrates the unique and diverse community of St Michael's. Through projects such as Language of the Month, pupils and parents have the opportunity to share their language and culture with our school family and help to broaden skills and understanding. As an outward facing school, pupils and staff have strong links with the local community. Community Engagement Week encourages positive interaction with the community, helping children to develop skills, make contacts and improve the quality of life of themselves and others. 


St Michael's- Proud to be in Elswick.